m GPTC Punalur

Electrical and Electronics Engineering (എലെക്ട്രിക്കല് & ഇലക്ട്രോണിക്സ് എഞ്ചിനീയറിംഗ് )

Head Of The Department

Shri. Prince A Basheer(In charge)


The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering established in the year 2012, offers a 3 years (6 Semesters) Diploma course (with an intake of 60 students). Electrical & Electronics Engineering Programme commits to work towards developing competent Electrical Engineers with technical and social skills wich will eventually contribute to Nation building. The department empowers the student to acqire technical knowledge skills to excel in the dynamic fileld of Electrical Engineering and prepares the student to meet the challenges in the technical advancement to serve the community.  The department offers excellent academic environment with a team of qualified and experienced faculty members to motivate the student to develop theis technical and professional skills .

Vision & Mission


To become excellent in brining out competent Electrical & Electronics diploma engineers and there by contribute the current needs of the industry and society.


To impart better skills to meet the challenges of technical world and develop technical expertise individually and through team effort.


Name Designation Qualification Email
Prince A Basheer HOD(In charge) M.Tech prince.abasheer@gmail.com
Remya L G Lecturer M.Tech remyalg1993@gmail.com
Chithra S R Lecturer M.Tech chithra.csr@gmail.com
Leena K Y Guest Lecturer M.Tech leenajain213@gmail.com
Bob Mathew Syji Guest Lecturer M.Tech mathewsyjibob@gmail.com
Raeesamole A Guest Lecturer M.tech raeesamole@gmail.com
Harish kumar B Demonstrator Diploma harishporuvazy@gmail.com